5 must have free software

For your work on any platform you need to buy software for Mac or PC whatever OS you use. Here are 5 must have free software available out there, which you can use.

QuickLook: The first one we will talk about is a photo viewer called QuickLook. You can get it free from the windows App Store. It just lets you quickly push the spacebar and have a quick look at that image that you’ve got on your system. It’s also good to play video files as well.

5 must have free software

XnView MP: Now next is an image editor and viewer is a pretty decent bit. It’s called XnView MP, it allows you to view your images. And you could do this on Windows Linux and Mac as well it’s free piece of software. And it gives you full control of actually editing your images as well. It also allows you to draw, you can add text, if you wish. If you don’t have some advanced software like Photoshop and you just want something quick and simple. This software is very easy to use as well.

5 must have free software

5 must have free software

Everything: Now we have a look at a search utility called Everything. It’s a very powerful search utility which is much better than the built-in windows search. If you’ve got a large Drive and you want to find things very quickly then this search utility is the best thing you can use. Better than built-in windows search and you can also use a lot of other things like add to bookmarks, search features and you’ve got a bunch of other things like filters and things like that as well.

Wiztree: Now we’ve got a space analyser called Wiztree. It scans your hard drive and allows you to find the total amount of space the space used and the amount of free space. WizTree is great for scanning the drive that you want to scan and give you a full analysis. It lets you find out where the data is being stored and where it’s being hoped. And you can then clear up all of that data and make room and free space on that drive. It’s very quick and easy to do, and is great if you’ve got loads of data stored on your hard drive. It also gives you a nice little color graph to quickly determine where that data is being stored. And when you find that data you can then just quickly right-click and delete files and free up space on your drive.

Last of 5 Free software

ShareX: Next we’ve got a capture software this one’s called ShareX. It’s a free and open source program which allows you to capture and record any area on your screen. It indeed is free to use just go to the Windows Store, download it and install. You’ll be able to capture your screen, record and capture the screen any sort of size. It has also got a color picker. You can section out which you want to record or take a snapshot of and you just highlight that and it will start recording. This is great for tutorials or whether you want to send a quick animation of how to do something.

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