How 2DG controls COVID-19 virus?

In this article we will discuss, how 2DG controls and kills COVID-19 virus. The Drugs Controller General of India, has approved 2DG. The emergency use of the drug 2DG has been approved. As an additional therapy in patients suffering from moderate to severe symptoms of Covid-19. Now, what is 2DG here’s everything you need to know about this drug.

The anti-covid oral drug has been developed by a leading lab of DRDO. This lab is The Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences. It has developed 2DG in collaboration with Dr Reddy’s labs. The 2DG drug is expected to help hospitalized COVID-19 patients. It reduces their supplemental oxygen dependency.

DRDO’s new COVID drug is what everybody is talking about. Everybody wants to know, is this drug as bigger game changer? As is being claimed now. Dr. Reddy’s and DRDO have backed this claim. The Drug Controller of India has also given its clearance for emergency use. Making it all sound very promising but when? Is it effective? What is the science behind it?

What is 2DG?

First up what is 2DG? Well, it stands for 2-deoxy D-Glucose. Essentially a modified glucose. The type which so far has been used for some therapeutic value as an anti-cancer and an anti-viral agent. Now DRDO says it is to be used only as an adjuvant therapy. Meaning it is an additional treatment to the already running treatment for COVID-19 in the country. It is only to be used in moderate to severe cases not the mild ones. The DRDO and Dr. Reddy’s lab have developed this drug. It has India’s Drug Controller’s clearance for emergency use. The company claims that it can be produced easily in huge quantities, which is a big plus for India.

How will 2DG be manufactured?

DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) has said that 2DG drug can easily be produced in India. It can be made available in plenty to citizens as it is a generic molecule and analogue of glucose. How will 2DG then be consumed? The antique drug 2DG has been developed in powder form. And is ingested orally by dissolving it in water according to the DRDO statement.This drug comes in a powder form in a small packet. It is advised to be taken twice a day after dissolving in water.

How 2DG controls COVID-19 virus?

How does 2DG control COVID-19 and reduce the dependence on oxygen?

The principle of operation is “Cheating the Cheater”! We know that any virus, once inside the body, makes its own copies, by cheating our human cells and takes their protein to multiply itself!
The 2DG drug, just like glucose spreads through the body. It when approaches the virus infected cells, prevents virus growth by stopping viral synthesis. It reduces the proteins energy production. 2DG also reduces virus infection spread into lungs, which in turn decreases patient’s dependability on ventilator.

How 2DG controls COVID-19 virus?

The brilliant thought process by Indian scientists was simple! For every multiplication of virus cell, it consumes energy (glucose!). The drug is just a “Pseudo” Glucose which when multiplying virus intakes, this makes it neutral (stops multiplication of virus)
Once the rapid multiplication of virus is stopped, body’s own antibodies can easily fight it and overpower it!
After the clinical trials, the patients treated with 2DG showed faster symptomatic cure. A high ratio of patients treated with the drug showed RTPCR negative.

What exactly does it do?

The claim so far is that it leads to faster recovery of patients hospitalized with COVID-19. It not just reduces the dependence of ventilators and oxygen supplements but leads to faster recovery as well. It’s also claimed that the drug works against all the mutants of COVID-19. 2DG is a modified glucose, so basically it looks like glucose, but it is not. The virus needs glucose for energy for multiplying fast. When the virus feeds on this modified or Pseudo-Glucose, it stops from multiplying at the same rate.

Evidence of effectiveness of 2DG!

Now let’s look at the evidence that this actually happens. During clinical trials it is evident, so far, that the molecule worked effectively. Then DRDO and Dr Reddy’s labs conducted Phase 2 trials. It was conducted on 110 patients. Phase 3 trials were carried out on 220 patients. At the end of these trials, they concluded that they had relatively higher number of patients, who were free from supplemental oxygen, by day three of the dosage.

At the end, it must be said that our scientists have done a good job in Research and Development of the drug. Let’s be hopeful and support our scientists, doctors and all the health workers who are doing their best in the fight against the virus.

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