How Amazon taking precautions in delivering groceries in India during pandemic?

How Amazon taking precautions in delivering groceries in India during pandemic?

Amazon is taking extra precautions in delivering groceries in India. It is reaching out to customers to assure them that getting the delivery from its platform is safe, and that it continues to take steps to protect cleanliness in all its facilities. This happened after a boy who was delivering a pizza to the city tested positive for COVID-19, and the 72 families he had met were living alone.

The development has raised concerns about whether food and other supplies are a safe option.

In a statement, Amazon, said it had warned its store owners to clean up all the space available in their vehicles and tools for shipping at the beginning and end of the routes.

It also instructed everyone they meet to stay home if they feel sick or have a fever.

“Adhering to the local laws, your delivery boy will place your package at your door and stand 2 meters away,”

In order to stick to the social downturn, and as an additional security measure. Amazon has also suspended processes such as swap and product returns.

The company said it has also increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning at all locations and work stations.

Earlier this week, Government of India released detailed guidelines that allow e-commerce companies to operate.

The largest online e-commerce company has implemented a series of hygiene safeguards across its sites to help keep delivery partners, as well as customers safe.

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1. Question: Are Online orders are safe during close down?

Answer: Yes, Amazon has changed the delivery process. At the beginning and end of the arrival, the delivery coordinators are advised to clean all commonly touched areas of their vehicles and delivery devices.

Needs participants are also asked to wash their hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use an alcohol-based sanitizer or cleaning agent.

In addition, Amazon has instructed all service providers to stay home if they feel sick or have a fever.

2. Question: Is getting a pack from your side door is dangerous?

Answer: No, following new ways of being away from the public, your escort will place your package at the door. Will maintain a distance of 2 meters. In the event of limited space at the door, the package will be positioned in a convenient location where the participant will ask you to identify it, while maintaining a distance of 2 meters. Delivery-contact!

3. Question: Do organizations that move there operate without proper permits during the close down?

Answer: GOI has allowed e-commerce players like Amazon to deliver essential goods during the shutdown. Local authorities have also accelerated the process of providing limited referral to service contacts that enables them to deliver customer orders without having to deal with any type of problems.

4. Question: Is it OK to swap / return products to my door during shutdown?

Answer: In order to stick to the social downturn. As an additional security measure Amazon has temporarily suspended processes that require communication and engagement at the customer’s door.

5. Question: How cleanliness is maintained at warehouses?

Answer: Amazon has increased the frequency of cleaning across sites. Including regular cleaning of door handles, handrails, touch screens, scanners, and other frequently-affected areas. Work stations are regularly cleaned and disinfected and everyone is advised to stay away from each other.

While research shows that coronaviruses can survive in cardboard boxes. The World Health Organization Advisory (WHO) asks you to discard the box after finding the substance inside it. And then wash your hands to get rid of the virus.

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