How do I get laptop from Amazon with cost more than 1 lakh?

How do I get laptop from Amazon with cost more than 1 lakh?

These days laptops laptops are available in a lot of price ranges starting from as low as Rs. 10,000 but there are not too many of them available. And yeah, then you might not get those high quality stuff.

However, when checking emails, creating a sales report, browsing the internet is basically what you do when most laptops priced below Rs 35,000 would be a good buy. But if you are in high demand for graphics, gaming or programming and you want a high-end laptop, then be prepared to spend a hefty sum.

Laptops on Amazon for more than 1 Lakh

So, if you are one of those who can spend over a lakh to buy a high-end laptop, Amazon has many options available for Windows, Apple and other laptops in its product line. You just need to search for “Laptop Above 1 Lac” on the Amazon website or app.

There are many laptops with different hardware settings. You have to choose the configuration, appearance, size, weight, battery backup you need.

Amazon has the option of paying with a Debit Card, Credit Card and COD. You can also shop with EMIs options.

Laptops on Amazon below 50K

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