How software and hardware coordinate with each other

How software and hardware coordinate with each other

System Resource is a tool used by Hardware and software to coordinate with each other. There are four types of program resources, memory address, output addresses for interrupt requests and direct memory access channels. When we press the key on the keyboard, the keyboard wants to tell the CPU that the key is pressed, but the CPU is already busy doing something else.

The keyboard thus sets the voltage in the IRQ line assigned to it. And this voltage serves as a signal to the CPU that the device has an application that needs to be processed. A memory-compatible operating system such as a long list of cells that it can use to hold data and commands, somehow resembling a single size spreadsheet.

The memory address as the number of the theatre chair. Each chair is assigned a number regardless of whether someone is sitting on it. The person sitting in the chair can be data or instructions. The OS does not name a person but only a seat number. For example, the operating system can say, I want to print data to a memory address 500.

How software and hardware coordinate with each other.

These addresses are displayed multiple times on the screen as there is a hexadecimal number in the output formats. If memory bus is set to carry input addresses, then each hardware device listens to this bus. For example, if the CPU wants to communicate with the keyboard, it will put the keyboard input address in the address box. CPU announces, input addresses included SS line. Now all input controllers listen to their address. Hard drive controller says not my address. Floppy disk controller says not my address. But the keyboard controller says mine, I will answer it.

All of the software used by Hardware and software is a Direct Memory Access method. A shortcut that allows the input device to send data directly to the memory passing through the CPU. Some devices such as the printer that are designed to use DMA channels. DMA channels are not as popular as they used to be.

Software calls Hardware with the output device address of the hardware device. Software looks at memory as a Hardware device and calls it a memory address. DMA channels transfer data back and forth between the hardware and memory.

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