Top Questions on Cloud Computing

Welcome to our new article on Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is the revolution of the 21st century as called by many experts. People are pouring billions and billions of dollars in it. Here are top questions and answers on cloud computing for you to get an edge over the market competition.


First question obviously in Top Questions on Cloud Computing is a very generic question, so make sure you do not get carried away by the simplicity of the question?

Cloud is nothing but a collection of networks, hardware services, storage and interface. That brings it all together to make sure that you can provide all of these right hardware computing power and storage as a service to the people out there who have access to internet connections.


Well, we have end users who make use of cloud. For example, we ourselves will be using a lot of cloud. Think about it backing up your photos to the Apple Icloud or Google Photos itself is using a cloud service and then you have business management users and of course the cloud providers themselves. So, the service providers themselves are the ones who are providing the service. There are a lot of big names when it comes to cloud computing and you can either use it for personal usages or business applications too.

Top Questions on Cloud Computing


Initial cost of cloud computing environment is extremely low. Then coming to maintenance is mostly hassle-free in a cloud computing environment. Because you really do not have to have experts standing by. When you’re thinking about scalability and upgradeability, it’s excellent. If you scale from let’s say one gigabyte storage to 10 terabytes in matter of half an hour it is really possible. When you think about one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the pay-as-you-go policy.


When you’re talking about cloud computing, you have to understand that it’s not only just cloud storage, it’s a lot more than that. It’s literally having super computers at the tip of your fingers and using all of its computing power, all of its resources, all of its storage as well. So, you can do everything with today’s cloud computing out there. You can run Government Organizations, Military Networks. Handle everything that’s present in space as well with the use of cloud computing networks. Yes, NASA does use a lot of cloud computing.

Top Questions on Cloud Computing

It’s a very important innovation in the modern world where our technology is provided as a service and based on the user’s requirements. Technology can be implemented in a way to cater to very specific requirements without having to put down a lot of money or a lot of time too. This is cloud computing in a whole.


Automated data backup is the most important feature of cloud computing. You can have very powerful server capabilities, very good amount of productivity. There’s not much upfront cost for the hardware, so you can save a lot of money and time. Can access it remotely from any part of the world depending on how good your internet connection is.

Top Questions on Cloud Computing


There are three main types of the cloud service models that we have today. One we have PaaS, which is Platform as a Service. We have SaaS Software as a Service and of course we have IaaS which is Infrastructure as a Service. I am sure you have heard of all of these and the differences that exist between them.


Fault handling is done in the world of cloud computing. So, when we talk about fault handling, two virtual machines are used in a single fault domain. If there is one particular hardware that fails it means that both of your virtual machines can fail. But, what a cloud computing platform like Microsoft Azure does in this particular case? It has the capability to automatically distribute instances of a role across a lot of fault domains. This means you can have your data to be copied in multiple storage areas, in multiple different domains across servers, in multiple different continents too. So, why do we do this? We do this for redundancy, where if there is a data failure, we can pull all the data back.

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