Vestige MACH DRIVE NanoEnergizer

Vestige Marketing Pvt. Ltd., is one of India’s leading direct selling companies. It provides hygiene, health and wellness products. Vestige has now launched the first of their new portfolio of automotive products. The company launched Vestige MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer. It is an engine oil additive. That enhances the longevity of the engine, reduce engine drag, friction and noise.

It uses a unique and revolutionary technology, which contains 20 Nano Metre Platinum Coated Zirconium powder emulsified in mineral oil. The platinum ceramic coating helps protect the engine, bring down fuel consumption by up to 15 % and reduce harmful emission by up to 70%. This is ideal for engine restoration and protection.

MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer is an additive for all types of engines. It uses Ceramic Plus Metallic Coating Technology for better engine health, engine efficiency and reducing pollution. It contains 20nm platinum-coated zirconium powder emulsified in mineral oi. Which is ideal for engine restoration and protection. These nanoparticles create a tough and smooth layer on all parts within the engine. Resulting in a smoother, quieter engine which delivers more power and better mileage.

MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer is compatible with two/three/four wheeler petrol, diesel and CNG engines. It is a revolutionary technology. It improves the engine efficiency for the next 30,000-40,000 kms.

Vestige MACH DRIVE NanoEnergizer

Vestige MACH Drive NanoEnergizer gives platinum ceramic coating to engine. Platinum is 20 times harder and 5 times shiner than steel. This results in a smoother, quieter engine with more power and mileage.

A Unique & Revolutionary Technology MACH-DRIVE is a perfect Nano Cermet. Which is produced using a Ceramic plus Metallic Coating Technology.

This is the only technology in the World which can convert any BS-IV Engine into BS-VI Engine without ever opening it for the next 30,000 Kms.

  • This reduce Engine drag, friction and noise.
  • Bring engine power to 100%.
  • Restores and protects engine.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions of all engines.
  • Improves PICKUP.
  • Brings engine power up to 100%.
  • Revolutionary & Patented Nano Ceramic Technology is used in Nano Energizer.
  • It Restores, Repairs & Protects the engine.
  • Fuel saving upto 15%.
  • Better mileage.
  • 9th fuel filling could be free

Vestige MACH DRIVE NanoEnergizer

Due to Lockdown, our vehicles are parked since long time

  • This can make the engine oil settled at bottom
  • Sudden self start can lead to serious injury to engine, even it can seize
  • Platinum coating can prevent damage to engine and can repair it

It is applied after the engine oil is changed. There is no need for re-dosing, recommended to change upon driving 30,000 km.

Injection Method:

  • Warm up your vehicle engine for 10-15 minutes.
  • Shake Nano Energizer enough (50 times) before injection.
  • Inject Nano Energizer slowly after opening oil filler cap.
  • Close oil filler cap and drive your vehicle for 30 KMs.
  • Do not change engine oil for next 400km for 2W/3W, 1200km for 4W and 3000km for heavy duty vehicles

As per data, approximately 1.4 crore two-wheelers and 44 lakh cars are sold every year. With the use of MACHDRIVE NanoEnergizer, approximately 20% CO2 emission can be reduced. MACH-DRIVE NanoEnergizer’s single time coating lasts up to 30,000-40,000 kms and keeps the engine almost as good as new. This technology helps in saving at least 15% fuel.

Nano energizer is certified by various vehicle manufacturers

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