Pollution and the need for cleanliness in India

Pollution and the need for cleanliness in India

There cannot be two opinions about the importance of cleanliness. A clean world means healthy citizens and always inspires his people. “Pollution and the need for cleanliness in India”. Cleanliness should come from the hearts of men; beginning in their homes to make a clean and healthy society. In ancient times, there was hardly any waste that could be fermented. Our ancestors found the destructive bio materials for all our needs. As we used to give our kitchen waste to the pets, some we burned and some we used as fertilizer. This has changed. Now we use bags and bottles of poly-urethane that cause pollution. The whole house has a lot of plastic pans. Our public spaces have become a dumping ground for such waste. We need to set guidelines and apply strict rules to reduce that. Every family should be responsible for the pollution they produce.

Everyone should be responsible for their own food and for the whole community in a clean environment. When I say good hygiene, it includes a clean environment and a clean atmosphere. Remember, in our homes and places of worship it was constantly cleaned by “panch gavyas” and its atmosphere was polluted by the aroma of “asta gandhas”. This process of cleaning our house and our neighbors is being modernized.

Pollution and the need for cleanliness in India

Our forefathers are best known for their clean manners. Also, many ancient travelers from other countries have praised our country for this quality. However, we lost our glory over time. Our roads, our rivers are polluted. Our people have really started to believe that “daag ache hein”. Sadhus can be seen on the Ganga coast making themselves innocent by using “vibhooti”. While their mother – Ganga – is still being polluted due to waste being put into its free flow.

We should understand the importance of making our children aware of the importance of keeping the home and community a clean. “Never waste” should be a lesson taught from an early age. In this way, it will enable our future generations to better manage society. We also need to bring this into our curriculum, which will help them learn and understand the importance of cleanliness. Our children must practice leaving the proper rubbish in the proper dustbin.

Separation of Dry and Wet waste

Our move, which is spearheaded by our beloved Prime Minister, promises to deliver an effective program to put in place enough garbage bins in all areas of society. This will separate wet and dry waste (during the collection itself). We will also bring a comprehensive program to separate wet and dry waste into the house as well.

The free state of pollution is also an important part of our comprehensive cleaning program. Hence, we need to make sure that our vehicles follow the pollution free standards. We should also teach our younger generation, the negative effects of air, water, noise and other pollution activities. Fresh air and environmental pollution are vital for good health. Tree planting projects should be started in the country to encourage our citizens to fulfill the dream of a beautiful green home.

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