Wrong ways of using your computer (Part 3)

10 wrong ways of using your computer Part-1 Part-2

Using default settings in OS

One thing a lot of people do wrong is to just use the default settings in Windows or any other OS. If you have never entered your operating system settings. Or at least take a look at some of the settings. You must definitely go in there and see what settings there are. You may not even know what’s there. And you may notice something you don’t like. Some examples may be in Windows Explorer choosing to show hidden files and folders. Because many times there may be files and folders in your computer which are hidden. And it’s good to at least bear in mind that they exist.

Wrong ways of using your computer

Another really important setup is to choose to show file extensions on all files. It is important for security reasons. Many times what a virus maker could do is create a song file and name it dot mp3 dot exe. If you don’t have the final file extension it shows AZ dot mp3 will show. You think it’s a music file that you run and then run an executive file. So it’s good to know what type of file you’re dealing with at all cases.

Wrong ways of using your computer

Backing up your files

Next is obviously a backup if you don’t have multiple backups of all your most important files, then you are using your computer completely wrong. You have to ask yourself if you feel comfortable losing any information that is not backed up. There are so many ways you can do it cheaply these days. There are unlimited online backup services like Backblaze, Dropbox etc. I put most of my important stuff in there and then it syncs across all of my computers. So, most of my important stuff is backed up in multiple places. You can also use an external device. You can also use your free Gmail account’s drive for 15 GB of data.

Wrong ways of using your computer

Updating your OS

This is another extremely important one and a lot of people do this wrong. By not updating Windows or their operating system or really any software right away. By postponing security updates or by delaying them on Windows. Which is hard to do these days but some people still try to do it. Trying to delay Windows updates for no real reason. Now I’m not necessarily talking about feature updates that make big changes but security updates. If you have Windows 10 Pro, you can specifically delay security updates and feature updates individually. But I would never recommend delaying security updates. Because many times after a security bug or vulnerability is found, many hackers jump instantly to try to take advantage of it.

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